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  1. Hi Mehmet

    I am an experienced arts practitioner living in London specialising in the development and delivery of a range of innovative arts-based programmes and projects to educate and empower people and groups throughout europe and increasingly internationally.

    I got your details from the SALTO website.

    I am interested to see if there is a possibility that I could meet with you to discuss the possibility of collaborating together for future work. I will be training and working in Istanbul 7th – 12th February 2017, perhaps we could have a coffee?

    I will be training people who (want to) work with Prisoners at Boğaziçi University 11th & 12th February. Perhaps you know people who might be interested in attending the training or meeting up to discuss future collaborations?

    My specialist areas include work with adults & young people, planning, evaluating projects, courses, workshops and performances. I also like to develop drama-based behavioural programmes for people within criminal justice settings, local authority, education, social & youth services and health.

    I use tried and tested models of effective practice that work in engaging, motivating and providing opportunities for people to develop new skills as well as discover new ways of behaving and relating to others. I deliver highly skilled sessions on offending behaviour treatment and groupwork programmes: all underpinned by the themes of choice, change and personal responsibility.

    The unique contribution that my work can make to people’s lives is by:

    · Increasing motivation

    · Developing self confidence and esteem

    · Coping strategies

    · Self awareness

    · Team working

    · Commitment and reflection

    Most of my work takes place in deprived communities with marginalised people e.g. Borough Councils with high levels of poverty, social exclusion and inevitably crime, violence, and drug alcohol related problems.

    I have brought aspects of my work to prison populations across the UK and for the British Council I have worked with community workers, activists, therapists, counsellors, teachers, and a range of group leaders in Jamaica, Canada, Texas, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Brazil, Slovenia, Cape Town, New York, Poland, India and Australia.

    I use drama activities that develop and build people’s confidence and self esteem, sharpen thinking and communication skills and develop the person, influencing their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and their perspective of the world. As well as being challenging and fun the process allows participants to review and re evaluate their critical thinking.

    My practice includes exploring and challenging oppression, dissecting and rehearsing everyday realities; I tend to look at new perspectives to old problems that can be acted out to prompt individuals to re-frame their own feelings and review their memories of experiences so that they gain insight into their own situations and reflect on the impact of their choices and decisions have on self, others and wider society.

    What I’d like to do:

    Develop a partnership and or collaboration with you with a view to:

    · Develop proposals, projects, programmes that could be funded in the future.

    · Design and deliver creative personal development work for exploring issues, up skilling individuals or performances.

    · Create learning resources that are designed and developed by groups that could be developed further.

    · Share my practice or devise a training programme to suit the staff needs e.g. training the trainers’ workshops for practitioners and workers who work with a wide range of people in institutions, organisations and community groups.

    · Plan and deliver workshops that analyse and challenge behaviour that helps people resist the forces of difficulties as well as build and develop key social/life skills.

    · Run a series of workshops/training in response to need.

    · Implement peer educational work.

    If this is not relevant to you could you suggest the best people for me to contact? Or feel free to forward this on.

    If you require further information e.g. references, CV, please get in touch.

    Best wishes
    Tony Cealy

    07956 877358

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